Megaplastic (Hong Kong) Company Limited is a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and delivering high quality premiums, toys, small gifts and collectibles.

Established in 2000, Megaplastic first focused on plastic products. We have won the “CMA Machinery and Equipment Design 2001 Award” for our innovative plastic roadside barrier system and “Machinery and Equipment Design 2004 Award” for our environment-friendly environweight bin.

Because of the trust of our customers and our promising products, we gradually diversified and expanded into other sectors. At present, we are a fully-fledged manufacturer with a true and complete vertical integration. Our factory is located in Dongguan, China but managed by Hong Kong professionals. Due to the increasing demands from our customers, we are setting up more and more new plants in China so as to give our customers ever better services and products.

Last but not least, as our name suggests, we are mega good in plastic things!
Megaplastic (Hong Kong) Company Limited is an experienced ODM and OEM. We aim at serving our customers to the fullest extent and giving them the greatest satisfaction. Besides manufacturing, our services include concept origination, creative art and design, project execution and management and logistics. Because of our insistence on vertical integration, we have our own marketing, creative, engineering, production, QA/QC and shipping teams all under the same roof.

We are also proud of our production facilities which have earned much recognition and were awarded ICTI, Universal and ISO 9000 certificates. Because of the increasing demands of our customers, we have invested in a new plant with newer and more advanced machinery and equipment.
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